Pameran Poskad ’08 If you have missed the opening of Pameran Poskad ’08, I urge you to go down to the House as soon as possible. There are over 2000 small artworks on display for your enjoyment. It is all very exciting to see the variety of media used – the most unconventional one being … Continue reading


After last month’s exciting event, it was time to do what I had originally set to do: print 5 copies of my “Leaves Falling”. Here above is one of the prints. Because each map results from the overprinting of many leaves, the 5 different prints are technically “Monoprints”, i.e. unique prints. . The screens for … Continue reading

September Too

Sunday night was a night I won’t forget soon. All the artists gave their best, the musicians too. And the guests… in case you didn’t realise, dear guests and audience, the whole evening was actually a performance, and YOU were part of it. So, thank you for taking on your respective roles. For those who … Continue reading


In July, I ran a workshop for kids at the STPI. I didn’t really produce any art myself, since I was busy taking care of the workshop. The idea for the workshop was to use images that Matisse created for his book “Jazz” and print 8 of them, at once, on a large paper that … Continue reading


This June, I hope to see you at Clark Quay or in Hougang to view the result of my thinking and drawing about Seletar the past 16 months. You will see the map and some of the watercolours I did for the Postcards From Seletar Notebooks. You will also see some sketches, and printmaking experiments. … Continue reading


Result of the experiment so far. I spent some time at the STPI guest workshop, trying to get the watercolour print to work. This time, it’s large-scale work (up to A1 size), and I really want to be able to mix the colours, and get subtle gradations. The colours are brighter, but there’s still work … Continue reading


Jeu de Joie The first week of March was dedicated to a collaborative workshop with children from a home, Sok Sabay in Cambodia, currently visiting Singapore. This collage is the result of one week of collaboration between the children of Sok Sabay, Sophie Fort, and myself. Credit should also be given to Maïté Garnier, who … Continue reading


February was a month of experimenting. Trying to get watercolour printing to work on the RJ Maple paper that the Map of Seletar is printed on. This is basically a monotype. Result not yet satisfying…