Charity: the Wild Plants Chair

The chair is overgrown by too much nature: plants grow naturally to create a beautiful environment; similarly, our bodies result from exquisite development of different parts. However, when cells grow with too much enthusiasm, they can create havoc, the harmony is disrupted, in the same way that weeds can overgrow any landscape.
In the making of the chair, I looked for overgrown parts of my everyday landscape. Continuing with my exploration of LEDs and light boxes, I created this chair that glows from within. The making of it was long and tedious, and I roped in members of my family and passers-by in the studio to help make the leaves, making it a collaborative sort of piece.
Wild Plants Chair (2015). Wooden chair frame, LEDs, Acrylic, Vinyl stickers, paper, glue and paint.


Chairity is a collaborative platform for artists and designers to express their interpretation of Cancer onto a piece of classical European furniture; the Louis Arm Chair. This fundraising initiative is organized by BACK REST & supported by Singapore Cancer Society

The chair was part of the Chairity 2015 event organised by Imis Iskandar, and shown at the Red Dot Design Museum in May 2015.



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