Leaves Falling Over Seletar Camp

Leaves Falling Over Seletar Camp

After last month’s exciting event, it was time to do what I had originally set to do: print 5 copies of my “Leaves Falling”. Here above is one of the prints. Because each map results from the overprinting of many leaves, the 5 different prints are technically “Monoprints”, i.e. unique prints. . The screens for the leaves were made using the mahogany leaves found in my garden. They have a very recogniseable shape, and are not even trying to be symetric. Their colour is often variegated as they fall and dry.

I have momentarily given up trying watercolour printing and gnarled trunk silk-screen overprinting. The watercolour experiments were never satisfying, and the gnarled trunk overprinting seemed too technically challenging. Still I have produced 4 different versions of the map:

Some of the above are still available for sale. There are also some of the 100 original maps still up for grabs. Please contact me for details.

Time to move on to my other projects:  Art and Science, Large Print, and Pameran Poskad. I might even have to have a second post this month!

2 Responses to “October”
  1. sophie fort says:

    It’s great to follow all this from far away. I have just received the shipment and our mac will be installed again only next week, which explains why is was hard to update anything up until now! Your blog is really very professional and great to read through; look at. I am sure that you could sell your seletar maps to the Sing turism board (illustration for postcards) and National heritage or even directlty the museum shop director (great picture to print on table cloth, aprons, silk scarfs, mugs… as souvenirs). I would buy tons!
    Good luck for Science and Art, the theme is so exciting! et vive la Suisse!
    Besos de cold, small, slow and conservative France!
    (it’s not my day!)

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