Sample of Pameran Poskad '08

Sample of Pameran Poskad '08

Pameran Poskad ’08

If you have missed the opening of Pameran Poskad ’08, I urge you to go down to the House as soon as possible.

There are over 2000 small artworks on display for your enjoyment. It is all very exciting to see the variety of media used – the most unconventional one being cookie dough (in my opinion). There are Prints, drawings, metalworks, needleworks (flat and 3-D), clay, photography, books… I’ll be going back this week to have a better look at it, in the daytime and without the crowd, and will probably be buying a few (hoping there are some left!).

Click on the image above to see my postcards in more detail. I submitted very classical works this time: collage, engraving, engraving print, mixed media (engraving print and ink) and drawing. The works are currently all exhibited at the House, until the 20th of December (11am – 7pm daily, except 12th Dec.).

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