I have been developing Camera Obscura and Pinhole cameras in parallel for a few years now, since I first offered to run a basic photography class for my daughter’s grade 5 class in 2014. I am attracted to both because the huge power they have to make us look and wonder while using minimal technology. … Continue reading

Charity: the Wild Plants Chair

The chair is overgrown by too much nature: plants grow naturally to create a beautiful environment; similarly, our bodies result from exquisite development of different parts. However, when cells grow with too much enthusiasm, they can create havoc, the harmony is disrupted, in the same way that weeds can overgrow any landscape. In the making … Continue reading


Time to post some colours! I have been playing with colours those last few months and have enjoyed making them into shapes to make them interact and play together. You can see the result in the form of 4 collages in my Gallery In these 4 works, I have been trying to use the collage … Continue reading


May and June have been busy with running workshops for nurses at SGH. The workshops were organised by Singhealth as part of their Art For Health program. As part of the project, I have been documenting the workshops. We have been using paper and paints mostly and the workshops were all about exploring colour. Each … Continue reading

April ’09

A view of things to come… This little man was commissioned by my good friend Anita for her husband Phil’s birthday. This is the unfinished version, before it got personalised with text from the family. It is closely related to the little people and birds making their way into my studio before all flocking out … Continue reading

Jan – March ’09

January: moving February: adapting March: settling April: almost there I could go on… Preparing an exhibition for June at House (See Postcards from Seletar, below). I cannot reveal any works before they are finished. So, here is a piece of the totally unfinished studio, full of a mixture of small sculptures, kinetic or not. Some … Continue reading


This month, the “Chair of Biology” got exhibited once more, as part of an installation called “Open to Find True Happiness”. The venue was a private function, and the exhibition counted other visual artists (acrylic painting by Anthony Tan , photography by Ulla Graton, ink painting on rice paper by Sandrine Tusin), and a beautiful … Continue reading


Of the 4 weeks spent in France this year, some time was spent trying to create yet larger paper sculptures. I am working one step at the time. This Breath still only stand about 40 cm high. View pictures from the “Paper Story” Exhibition, Jan 2007. View my other paper sculptures in my new Gallery.