September Too

Flamenco and Art

Flamenco and Art, by Suresh Jesuthasan

Sunday night was a night I won’t forget soon. All the artists gave their best, the musicians too. And the guests… in case you didn’t realise, dear guests and audience, the whole evening was actually a performance, and YOU were part of it. So, thank you for taking on your respective roles.

For those who missed the flamenco, sorry, you’ll have to wait for their next concert! Keep looking here for details. In the meantime, to get an update on the flamenco artists, check their website here. There, you can find out about upcoming classes. And do not hesitate to send Antonio Vargas (the guitarist/dancer) an email showing your appreciation – what a show! You might want to send Daphne Huang some roses too. Her site’s not up yet, but you can contact her here:

For those who would still like to see the art and photography, it will be up until 1st of October. Kindly give me a call first (9273 4991) if you’d like to come by.

Some pieces are still for sale, so do contact me for details, or to get in touch with the respective artists directly.

To see photographs of the event, go to the unofficial gallery.

3 Responses to “September Too”
  1. Hi, I would love to get in contact with the artist, the link is no longer working, can you post a new link. Thanks

  2. Hi!
    I do not know the artist’s new website at the moment although I’ll be sure to post it when I have it. In the meantime, to get in touch with Antonio Vargas, you can contact Daphne Huang at the email address above.
    Now as a coincidence, if you are in Singapore this week end, there is this event you don’t want to miss: the opening of Daphne and Antonio’s new Studio in Geylang:
    Flamenco y Tapas:
    13th December 2008, Saturday
    No 1 Lorong 24A Geylang Road
    8 pm till late

    You can check out the event on Facebook.

    I hope this helps…

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