17 September – 20 November 2016: “Ibaraki Inventorium”, part of Kenpoku Art 2016, Japan.



19 September 2015 – 3 April 2016: “Art of Speed” (as Creative Director). An installation for children at the new Children’s Centre for Creativity, by Playeum.

September 2015: “Shad0wPlay”, Children’s interactive installation at Playeum

May 2016: “Giggling Weeds”, an interactive exhibition with Playeum.

February 2015: “Talking Weeds” at the Lycée Français de Singapour. Collaboration with the 8th Grade Students (4ème)


30 October – 28th December 2014: “Hands on Lenses”, part of “Ocean of Possibilities” at ArtScience Museum, Singapore.

September 2014 – May 2015: “House of Weeds”, a travelling exhibition for children, with Playeum.

March-July 2014: ” 1000 Rubber Seeds and One Mutant”, part of UNEARTHED at the Singapore Art Musem.

January 2014: “1000 Rubber Seeds and One Mutant”, part of MinimArt 5.0 show at the Substation (Singapore)



December 2013: “Wundercamera Obscura”,  part of a group show The Art of Giving at Scotts Square.

November 2013: “Tell me What I am Thinking”, group show for COS•MO, at the Brother McNally Gallery, Lasalle College of the Arts.

November 2013: Buang, the Lost Malay Scientist, Malay Heritage Centre, Singapore. Performance lecture, part of the exhibition “Ilham Alam”, Nature and Healing in the Malay Wold.

July 2013: Hoarding for the Jurong Hospital Singapore in construction, including workshops with primary schools, secondary schools and Senior citizens

 April 2013: “The Weed Lectures”, performance lecture and workshop, Singapore Art Museum, part of Zack Razack’s exhibition”10 Year Series” for Presidents’ Young Talent





September 2012: “All Else Being Equal, I could Have Stayed in Bed”, Solo exhibition, Societe General Gallery, Alliance Française de Singapore

February 2012: “Laboratory of Waste Management”, part of Open House 2012. Site-specific installation in an appartment in Tiong Bahru, Singapore.


September 2011: “Laboratory of ‘Pataphysics”, part of the FSNGA ’11 finalist’s exhibition. Winner.

June 2011: “2 and 1/2 D Cinema”, collaboration with Russel Morton. Part of Children’s Season at the National Museum of Singapore

January 2011: “DUO”a collaborative exhibition with French artist Andrée Weschler. Brother Joseph McNally Gallery, ICAS, LASALLE College of the Arts.


26 Nov – 12 Dec 2010: MAFA Graduating Show, ICA Gallery, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore.

October 2010: “Urban Myths”, invited artist, Tropical Lab. Series of workshops culminating in an exhibition, ICA Gallery, LASALLE College of the Arts.

September 2010: “Failomics: using failures to predict the future”, public talk / performance lecture at TEDx Biopolis (invited speaker), Singapore

June 2010: “Clay Creatures Tell Their Stories”, a series of workshop-performance story-telling, part of the National Museum of Singapore’s Children’s Season.

April 2010: Pameran Poskad group exhibition.

March 2010: “Psychedelic Eyes”, an installation of 20 objects commissioned by the Singapore National Eye Centre.

February 2010: Object, a work-in-progress group exhibition by the Masters in Fine Arts candidates of Lasalle College of the art, Praxis Space.

January 2010: “Queen” performance, collaboration with Zack  Razak for his piece for the exhibition Content: Navigating a Point, part of SMU’s Art Festival.


April – Dec 2009: Nurses workshops, culminating in 2 collaborative pieces of art “The Cube” and “Rainbow Wall” at Singapore General Hospital (Project by SingHealth).

Mai 2009: “Clay Critters” and “Seed Sculptures” children workshops for the National Museum of Singapore as part of their Children’s Season.


December 2008: Pameran Poskad (Group postcard exhibition) at House in Dempsey. Participating Artist and Co-organiser.

September 2008: “The Unofficial Seletar Festival”, Co-organiser and participating artist. Exhibition of “Transformed Maps”, a series of 4 maps of Seletar (hand-drawn), transformed using a variety of techniques (folding, weaving, silk-screen and pen drawing).

2007Story Sculptures“, 1st solo exhibition at ArtyFakt.

2005 “Pameran Poskad”, at la Libreria. An exhibition of postcards involving many artists from Singapore.

2004 “Peep Show”, at the Substation, mixed media exhibition on the theme of the “secret lives of figures”, group exhibition by the Markmakers.

2002 SRT, group exhibition with the Markmakers, figure drawing.

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