Laid-back Seletar, For how long? If you remember my January post, there was something about sketching houses around the camp. Well, I have been doing that, in between experimenting with various printmaking techniques. I have been using mostly pen and ink, pencil and watercolour. Although the first 2 techniques are often referred to a “sketching”, … Continue reading


Result of the experiment so far. I spent some time at the STPI guest workshop, trying to get the watercolour print to work. This time, it’s large-scale work (up to A1 size), and I really want to be able to mix the colours, and get subtle gradations. The colours are brighter, but there’s still work … Continue reading


February was a month of experimenting. Trying to get watercolour printing to work on the RJ Maple paper that the Map of Seletar is printed on. This is basically a monotype. Result not yet satisfying…