Story Sculptures 2007

An Exhibition of Paperworks by Isabelle Desjeux

Jan 13 – 28, 2007 at ArtyFakt Gallery


Whether a poem, a scientific paper, a love letter, these Sculptures have all started their lives as something else, a Story. What they are now has been decided by the artist. But they cannot escape where they come from, and will live on to tell the Story, keeping it alive as long as someone knows what they are made of. They serve as an everyday reminder of what the Story originally was. We cannot read the Story anymore, and so the story gets distorted everyday, with only the silent Statue as a witness…

Artyfakt Gallery: space for intercultural arts
ShopHouse 5Lorong 24A,
Singapore 389 529
Phone: +65 9005 8407
Friday to Sunday 3:00pm-9:00pm

Bring your own paper on the 13th, and have it transformed into a Story Sculpture!

Opening Reception

Saturday 13th January 2007; 7:00pm-10:00pm
Special Guests: Flamenco Guitarist Suresh, Dancer Kaz and Singer Satsuki.

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