Contribution to Big Data discussion

  On the 7th of May, a conference entitled “Is Big Data a New Medium?” was held at Lasalle College of the Arts. I was invited to contribute as a speaker and decided to perform the conversations I had been having with neuroscientist and neuroethologist Prof Suresh Jesuthasan.  The conversation relates to trying to come … Continue reading

Screening of “Buang” at the Malay Heritage Centre

This Wednesday, 23rd of October 2013 at 7:30pm, I will be giving a presentation to accompany the screening of my film “Buang, the Lost Malay Scientist”, at the Malay Heritage Centre, Singapore. What kind of microscope did he use? How did he see the scientific enquiry? Was he instrumental in helping Wallace formulate his theory … Continue reading

Weed Walk

On Monday 1st of April, and Thursday 4th of April, I invite you to join me on the front lawn of the Singapore Art Museum for some light lecturing on weeds. It’s not that I make weed art, that’s another subject. The lecture is part of Zaki Razak’s “Revising Art: Ten Years Series” piece, part of … Continue reading

Same pursuit, new projects…

Having won first prize at the  French Singapore New Generation Artists 2011 , I now have to come up with the goods for a large SOLO Exhibition at the Alliance Française in March 2012. So, here are some of the on-going projects that will lead to this exhibition: Scientist-led discussions on their production of leftovers. I am … Continue reading

April: Lecture and Website

My new website is ready to be viewed. Click here or on the mouse in the right margin. It is still being optimised but easier to navigate than this blog, which will now be updated when I have a new show or project to share rather than monthly… you will still be able to access … Continue reading

March: Biennale, new Website… and a Cooking Show!

March was the time for visiting the Biennale. Although I have not seen it all yet, I am enjoying visiting as you would a shop window. More precisely, a shop window for Singapore. Despite its theme, “Open House”, I feel very much like I am looking at a window dressing of the country. Nothing wrong with … Continue reading

December: The Laboratory of ‘Pataphysics

The Laboratory of ‘Pataphysics is now open at ICAS Gallery, located on the LASALLE College of the Arts campus, and can be visited until the 12th of December. It is part of the show 4:12, where the 12 Masters of Art candidates are exhibiting the result of their year-and-a-half cogitations. If you haven’t seen it … Continue reading

November: The Big Show

Finally, after almost 15 months of focused research, trial, object-making, discussions, critique, thinking, frustrations, confusions, epiphanies, doubt, hopes, more object-making, research, listening, reading, writing… and living, the time has come to put it all together into a “show” in a gallery for the world to see. If you want to see where all this artistic … Continue reading

September: It’s all about the context

Science Is A Generator Of Failures

Last night’s series of talks at TEDx Biopolis gave me food for thought. It was a great line-up of speakers, with few minor glitches (the DVD player that wouldn’t play the pre-recorded lectures…). I will not talk about Kishore Mahbubani’s slick introduction to make us all question whether the world is getting more stupid all … Continue reading

July / August: time to take a step back

Before the final stretch for the Masters show in November, it was time to take a breather. The cycle of lectures on Failures As Scientific Objects is  being completed with a TEDx Biopolis talk in September. I am hoping that more such talks will happen in the future. The 6 educational videos are ready for … Continue reading