Jeu De Joie

Jeu de Joie

The first week of March was dedicated to a collaborative workshop with children from a home, Sok Sabay in Cambodia, currently visiting Singapore.

This collage is the result of one week of collaboration between the children of Sok Sabay, Sophie Fort, and myself. Credit should also be given to Maïté Garnier, who helped in the final steps of the composition.

The “children” (teenagers and young adults up to 21 years old) produced paper prints on the theme of “travelling” – basically, using images that “talked ” to them. They also produced the decorated papers for the background.

The composition was arranged following loosely the theme of the “Jeu de L’Oie”.

For details of the process and pictures of the fabulous adventure of working with special children, please refer to my other blog, isadora’s workshop.


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