Ibaraki Inventorium 2016

Smoke House small

In December 2015, I was invited to create an artwork for Kenpoku Art 2016, along with 80 other artists. I chose to work in the abandoned school of MIWA prefecture (Ibaraki, Japan). The exhibition ran from September to November 2016.

The Ibaraki Inventorium is a small museum housed in the abandoned school of MIWA Junior High School, and more precisely in the Science Classroom, Kitchen Classroom, Prep room and Greenhouse (located outside). Within these classroom are displayed the tools of knowledge that the students have been made familiar with, as well as some of the stories themselves that the students have been learning about, during their quest for knowledge in this school, and as they yearn and learn how to discover more about the world around them.

All the displays are made from objects and stories found in the classrooms, in the area around, as well as research from the nearby university. The collection represents science as it is acquired by these Middle School students.

To view the catalogue of the Ibaraki Inventorium as a PDF, click here: 16.09.27 Inventorium Catalogue

Below, you will see documentation of the 30-odd installations created for the inventorium

See Reviews of the Show or photographs by visitors:


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