Postcards from Seletar 2007


in 2007, The Governance Board commissioned me to paint and draw the nature around Seletar Camp for Postcards from Seletar .

The result was a notebook and a set of greeting cards, now available in the Museum Shops across the island.

View some of the watercolours and pencil drawings.

Later, I also drew a Map of Seletar camp by hand, house by house. The result was a large A1 map offset printed on quality art paper (limited edition of 100)

If you are interested in getting either item (notebook: $15 ; pack of 4 cards: $10 ; Limited Edition Seletar Map: $100), drop me a line.

2 Responses to “Postcards from Seletar 2007”
  1. olivier says:

    Salut Isabelle,
    Je suis aujourd’hui à Milan chez les Veber. Visite touristique sensationnelle d’une ville d’art qui te plairait certainement.
    Eric, le frère de Nathalie Veber, prévoit de venir s’installer à Singapore prochainement. Je vais lui suggérer de prendre contact avec toi en particulier pour les aspects pratiques (lycée Français, do & don’t, tricks, …).
    Tu peux envoyer ton adresse email + tel à Nathalie stp ?
    Elle ne se rappelle plus de l’adresse email de son frère et fera suivre.
    Content de te revoir cet été.
    A+ Bye !!

  2. Cath Lim says:

    Salut Isabelle,
    This is Cath who have recently moved to Seletar one year back. A good friend of ours, Larry and Simone who have been living in Seletar for 9 yrs bought your illustration about 9 years ago. I am interested to get 2 copies.

    Can you get in touch with me please?

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