Time to post some colours! I have been playing with colours those last few months and have enjoyed making them into shapes to make them interact and play together. You can see the result in the form of 4 collages in my Gallery

In these 4 works, I have been trying to use the collage as a 3-D medium, i.e. the pieces are not stuck flat onto each other, but hover each other to suggest depth.

2 Responses to “July”
  1. Mike says:

    hello – do you have any more tennis paper sculptures? I am creating a site for tennis art, to be launched 8/1/09. I have approx 100 originals, prints, also cool stuff like tennis glass art, tennis furniture, tennis sculptures (bronze), tennis weathervanes, and tennis stained glass. I am always looking for more cool art to add to my site. Please reply if interested, thank you!

  2. yingling says:

    Hi. Isabelle.

    My name is YingLing from Yishun JC’s Art club.
    Our club members are currently looking for art courses to attend. I saw on your workshop website that you gave courses for kids. Do you provide any workshops for tertiary students? Age 17-19. We are very keen to learn Print making and Papier Mache. Hope to receive your reply asap. =) Thank you.

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