Giggling Weeds and Tickling Weeds.

After Talking Weeds at the French School, Playeum’s House of Weeds continued to pop-up at a few locations around Singapore. And this was the perfect occasion to bring out the Ticking Weeds and the Giggling Weeds.

The Giggling weeds is an installation where the viewer is invited to touch the plants and hear them laugh, as if they had been tickled. Plants can be very sensitive, you know.


Giggling Weeds, by Isabelle Desjeux at Tampines Mall, 2015 (With Playeum)

Out of spite, the weeds replied and the Tickling Weeds were born. In this instance, as you rotate the platform, the long weeds (lalang or Imperata cylindrica) will tickle your chin.

tickling-weedsTickling Weeds by Isabelle Desjeux at Tampines Mall, 2015 (With Playeum)

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