December: The Laboratory of ‘Pataphysics

Detail of the Laboratory of 'Pataphysics, at 4:12 exhibition.

The Laboratory of ‘Pataphysics is now open at ICAS Gallery, located on the LASALLE College of the Arts campus, and can be visited until the 12th of December. It is part of the show 4:12, where the 12 Masters of Art candidates are exhibiting the result of their year-and-a-half cogitations.

If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you go down to 1, McNally Street before the end of next week-end. So, far, the show has been described as “energetic”, “inspiring”, “different”, “well put together” by the members of the large crowd attending the opening. For the first time in its history, the MAFA program lasted 18 months… giving candidates more time to resolve their works. Painting, in and out of the canvas, projections, installations, multi-media, in and out of the gallery. During these 18 months, we have been pushed to challenge not only our vision of the world, but also our current practice, in the context of the established practice. The learning curve has been different for all of us, but I can say for sure that my practice will never be the same…

Exploring failures and leftovers, I have found that the performative lecture is a powerful medium to communicate the uncertainty and doubts that arise in meaningful research. As I perform my lectures to a more varied environment, I leave a trail. I will now work on recording this trail as the next step of my practice.

A video of the lecture entitled “Failomics, a New Science” is on display in the Gallery, complementing the research hinted at in the Laboratory of ‘Pataphysics. But of course, it is always more meaningful the hear the actual performance, and you may contact me directly to arrange such a performance through the form at the bottom of this post.

FInally, educational videos and posters are also means of communications that scientists use to transmit their findings. You will find those is good place in the gallery!

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