January 2011: Happy New Gear

Of course, it is traditional to take a new start in the New Year. Not necessarily in a new direction. So, if you decide to just crank it up a bit, it’s time for a New Gear…

With the Masters now behind and no more studio space, it is time to unwrap all the work that I did in the last 18 months, and start showing them around. The first show of the year will open on the 18th of January. It’s a Duo with established artist Andrée Weschler.  Although she is known mostly for her performances, her practice encompasses many different forms and she will be revealing a new video installation.

I will be showing videos shot in December in the MAFA studio, the last work I did there before packing up. On the night of the 16th of December, I hosted a special event, entitled “So, You Think You Can Be A Scientist?”… Please come and see the result on the 18th of January!

For those who did not get a chance to see the 4:12 the exhibition, my laboratory is now in my online gallery.

Finally, I am hoping for my Lost Malay Scientist to become public soon… more on that later!

January is a packed month….

Research table, looking over to the educational videos.

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