When the workshop is the art

The set-up for Micro/Macro: charcoal and laptop side by side.

Preparing for a large science-based show at the same time as running art workshops, the two were inevitably going to collide. My next workshop, entitled “Micro/Macro” is more than an art workshop. It allows the public to view things in a different light. It gives them an opportunity to understand for a short while the importance of purpose when  when drawing, whether it be small precise pencil marks or large, vague and quick charcoal marks.

As an artist, I am using this workshop as research. I am interested in the variety of drawings that will come out from the public despite tight constraints. Personalities will be exposed.

One Response to “When the workshop is the art”
  1. Tienny says:

    The white mice photo is very cute 😉

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