ISEA 2012

Update: the workshop has now been selected and will be running in Albuquerque in September. See you there!

Become a Bio-engineer Through Stop Motion Animation


Histology of an Ecosystem

a proposal for a workshop for ISEA 2012  in collaboration with Eileen Reynolds.

Here you will find links to visuals used for the histological/polymer clay project.

Cross sections

Utricularia gibba (bladderwort) bladder (40X). Darkfield

Japanese Maple Leaf Petiole. Autofluorescence.

Cyperus alternifolius (umbrella plant). UV_induced fluorescence in a cross-section

Desert Flora and Fauna

Cacti and Desert Flora. This postcard would make a stunning histological section.

scorpios fluoresce under UV light, making for a beautiful night shot in cross-section

Clay / Reconstitution

Eileen Reynolds’s Clay under the microscope.

Isabelle Desjeux’s Peridinea hominis section.

Laboratory set-up

Eileen Reynold’s Big Bio Lab set-up

Isabelle Desjeux’s Laboratory Set-up


Chris Gilmour’s cardboard microscope.

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