Duo : Science & Art

Duo : Science & Art

Isabelle Desjeux feat Andrée Weschler

Andrée Weschler and Isabelle Desjeux

Half - a Duo.

Two french artists, both educated in Singapore, and long time residents. Isabelle and Andrée both push the boundaries of contemporary art, venturing into performance and videos. But their approaches couldn’t be more different. It’s chalk and cheese; left brain-right brain; romantic vs cerebral. In this DUO, they get together for the first time.

An experimental dialogue between two art forms and two artists, using video, music and speech as vectors; medical footage and scientific language as content; and the common subject of biomedicine.

On one wall, we see projected the brutal scene of a surgery seen from the inside, where notions of failures flirt with notions of death. On the other side, “scientists” lightheartedly and unemotionally go through the arguments explaining why failures are necessary and will never disappear.

Venue: Brother Joseph McNally Gallery, LASALLE, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, 1 McNally Street.

Time: 19 Januray-1 February 2011

Vernissage: 18 January, 6.30 PM

Artist websites: Andrée Weschler and Isabelle Desjeux


You can see a video of the work on Vimeo.

The story on which this work is based has now been solved (February 2012). A full video of the scientists explaining their work will soon be available.

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