January Two: So You Think You Can Be A Scientist

So You Think You Can Be A Scientist?

As part of the “DUO: Art & Science” with Andrée Weschler, I will be exhibiting a new work, entitled “So You Think You Can Be A Scientist”. The work documents an evening of December 2010 at Lasalle College of the Arts, where participants were invited to believe and make believe they were scientists for one evening, re-telling … Continue reading

January 2011: Happy New Gear

Of course, it is traditional to take a new start in the New Year. Not necessarily in a new direction. So, if you decide to just crank it up a bit, it’s time for a New Gear… With the Masters now behind and no more studio space, it is time to unwrap all the work … Continue reading

December: The Laboratory of ‘Pataphysics

The Laboratory of ‘Pataphysics is now open at ICAS Gallery, located on the LASALLE College of the Arts campus, and can be visited until the 12th of December. It is part of the show 4:12, where the 12 Masters of Art candidates are exhibiting the result of their year-and-a-half cogitations. If you haven’t seen it … Continue reading

November: The Big Show

Finally, after almost 15 months of focused research, trial, object-making, discussions, critique, thinking, frustrations, confusions, epiphanies, doubt, hopes, more object-making, research, listening, reading, writing… and living, the time has come to put it all together into a “show” in a gallery for the world to see. If you want to see where all this artistic … Continue reading

October I: Tropical Lab

Sept 20 – Sept 29 2010 was Tropical Lab 4 a workshop organised by the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lasalle College of the Arts. Practically, it consists of putting together, for 10 days, a handful of young artists recommended by their school (Masters candidates mostly), adding 3 guest artists, preparing a loose program of … Continue reading

July / August: time to take a step back

Before the final stretch for the Masters show in November, it was time to take a breather. The cycle of lectures on Failures As Scientific Objects is  being completed with a TEDx Biopolis talk in September. I am hoping that more such talks will happen in the future. The 6 educational videos are ready for … Continue reading

June 2010: Filming Buang

This month, I was lucky enough to fly to Abuja (Nigeria), to the department of Epistemology of the University of Failomics (They don’t seem to have a web presence). The documentary of “Buang, The Lost Malay Scientist” was partially shot there, where the trunk of Buang’s belongings has been sent for Dr Hakeem and her … Continue reading

May 2010: The Evolution of Failure

The failure videos are attracting attention… here comes the short lecture on the Evolution of Failure.

April 2010: Filming Failures

Here are some photographs taken on the set of “Failomics: Educational Videos”. You will soon be able to view the short movies. In each video, our scientist teaches you something new about failures. Last night was the shooting, thanks to very the cool Russel from the Putnam School of Film. Today, it’s editing…

February 2010: the video

Artists and scientists were invited to the talk on the 22nd of February 2010, at LCotA. If you were not invited, do not despair, it was a sort of preview for people who participated in the project. An open talk will be happening. The Failomics website relates the adventure, and you can access the edited … Continue reading