1000 Rubber Seeds and One Mutant – now at SAM

If you are in Singapore and haven’t been yet, do go and catch UNEARTHED, a show about Nature, environment and how Singapore-based artists approach the subject in their work, currently showing at SAM. For this exhibition, I was invited to display the work recently shown at the Substation. However, many constraints were different and the … Continue reading

Science as Contemporary Art – How I Do it.

– “How do you transform a 1m x 1m x 3m space into contemporary art?” – “I would like to propose to install a scientist’s research cabinet in the 1m x 1m x 3m space allocated. It involves shelves. And 1000 specimens on which the research is done.” In 2009, Failomics. In 2010, Laboratory of … Continue reading

EEG-based artwork for the Constant Self-Recording Mode (COS•MO) exhibition.

I propose to walk around the art exhibition wearing an EEG recording cap as I walk around the gallery, looking at the artwork. The EEG cap captures my thoughts directly from the brain and (after processing) whispers in my ear what I are thinking. This is called the “Know What You Think” cap, and the … Continue reading

All Other Things Being Equal… I Could Have Stayed in Bed

The conversations with scientists from Cambridge is materializing into an exhibition, opening on the 16th of August at the Alliance Française de Singapore…  SOCIETE GENERALE GalleryAlliance Française de Singapour 17 August – 8 September 2012 Mon to Fri, 11am to 7pm Sat, 11am to 5pm Sun and PH Closed Admission is free. “Being a scientist means … Continue reading

Laboratory of Waste Management is now online

Water flowing contraption to capture the energy flow between the two sinks.

The exhibition took place in February, in Tiong Bahru. For those who could not see it or did not have enough time to view it all, here are some pictures of the bathroom. Now is the time to focus on reviving Buang, the lost Malay scientist for my exhibition happening in August at the Alliance Française. … Continue reading

The Laboratory of Waste Management

Coming soon to a bathroom near you: The Laboratory of Waste Management, at Open House! in Tiong Bahru. A description of the mechanism used for recycling scientific waste can be found on the Failomics website.

The Scientist is in…

The Scientist is in...

The Laboratory of ‘Pataphysics returns to the white cube, as part of the 3 rd French – Singapore New Generation Artists at The Societe Generale Gallery of the Alliance Française de Singapour, 2 Sept – 1st Oct. Opening 1st September 2011,  Alliance Francaise De Singapour, 1 Sarkies Road Singapore 258130, 7 pm – 10 pm … Continue reading

2 and 1/2 D Cinema

For once, it seems like my workshops for children and my own art-making have collided in an obvious way. After running workshops and drawing classes for children for many years, as well as observing/guiding my own children, I have an intuition into what makes (some) kids tick. At the same time, I have been spending … Continue reading

February: So You Think You Can Be A Scientist – a clue

For those who have missed the show, the video of the videos is now available on Vimeo. It will take 4 minutes of your time, and comments are welcome.

January Two: So You Think You Can Be A Scientist

So You Think You Can Be A Scientist?

As part of the “DUO: Art & Science” with Andrée Weschler, I will be exhibiting a new work, entitled “So You Think You Can Be A Scientist”. The work documents an evening of December 2010 at Lasalle College of the Arts, where participants were invited to believe and make believe they were scientists for one evening, re-telling … Continue reading