Same pursuit, new projects…

Having won first prize at the  French Singapore New Generation Artists 2011 , I now have to come up with the goods for a large SOLO Exhibition at the Alliance Française in March 2012. So, here are some of the on-going projects that will lead to this exhibition: Scientist-led discussions on their production of leftovers. I am … Continue reading

The Scientist is in…

The Scientist is in...

The Laboratory of ‘Pataphysics returns to the white cube, as part of the 3 rd French – Singapore New Generation Artists at The Societe Generale Gallery of the Alliance Française de Singapour, 2 Sept – 1st Oct. Opening 1st September 2011,  Alliance Francaise De Singapour, 1 Sarkies Road Singapore 258130, 7 pm – 10 pm … Continue reading

2 and 1/2 D Cinema

For once, it seems like my workshops for children and my own art-making have collided in an obvious way. After running workshops and drawing classes for children for many years, as well as observing/guiding my own children, I have an intuition into what makes (some) kids tick. At the same time, I have been spending … Continue reading

The Art of Distilling Failures

Tarte Tatin

For those who could not attend the lecture at the Substation on the 21st of April 2011, here is a synopsis of the talk. No video is currently available, but if you’d like to see me live, fill in the form below. And while you’re here, you might enjoy looking at the other 6 synopsis relating to … Continue reading

April: Lecture and Website

My new website is ready to be viewed. Click here or on the mouse in the right margin. It is still being optimised but easier to navigate than this blog, which will now be updated when I have a new show or project to share rather than monthly… you will still be able to access … Continue reading

February: So You Think You Can Be A Scientist – a clue

For those who have missed the show, the video of the videos is now available on Vimeo. It will take 4 minutes of your time, and comments are welcome.

January Two: So You Think You Can Be A Scientist

So You Think You Can Be A Scientist?

As part of the “DUO: Art & Science” with Andrée Weschler, I will be exhibiting a new work, entitled “So You Think You Can Be A Scientist”. The work documents an evening of December 2010 at Lasalle College of the Arts, where participants were invited to believe and make believe they were scientists for one evening, re-telling … Continue reading

January 2011: Happy New Gear

Of course, it is traditional to take a new start in the New Year. Not necessarily in a new direction. So, if you decide to just crank it up a bit, it’s time for a New Gear… With the Masters now behind and no more studio space, it is time to unwrap all the work … Continue reading

November: The Big Show

Finally, after almost 15 months of focused research, trial, object-making, discussions, critique, thinking, frustrations, confusions, epiphanies, doubt, hopes, more object-making, research, listening, reading, writing… and living, the time has come to put it all together into a “show” in a gallery for the world to see. If you want to see where all this artistic … Continue reading

October I: Tropical Lab

Sept 20 – Sept 29 2010 was Tropical Lab 4 a workshop organised by the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lasalle College of the Arts. Practically, it consists of putting together, for 10 days, a handful of young artists recommended by their school (Masters candidates mostly), adding 3 guest artists, preparing a loose program of … Continue reading