2 and 1/2 D Cinema

For once, it seems like my workshops for children and my own art-making have collided in an obvious way. After running workshops and drawing classes for children for many years, as well as observing/guiding my own children, I have an intuition into what makes (some) kids tick. At the same time, I have been spending … Continue reading

February: So You Think You Can Be A Scientist – a clue

For those who have missed the show, the video of the videos is now available on Vimeo. It will take 4 minutes of your time, and comments are welcome.

February: “Buang The Lost Malay Scientist” gets a screening

From Buang's notebooks

The 6-minute documentary exposes Buang for who he really was: not just Alfred Wallace‘s faithful assistant during his journey through the Malay Archipellago, but also a scientist in his own right. The documentary takes us on his and Wallace’s tracks to find out exactly who this extraordinary character was. For more information on this film, … Continue reading

January Two: So You Think You Can Be A Scientist

So You Think You Can Be A Scientist?

As part of the “DUO: Art & Science” with Andrée Weschler, I will be exhibiting a new work, entitled “So You Think You Can Be A Scientist”. The work documents an evening of December 2010 at Lasalle College of the Arts, where participants were invited to believe and make believe they were scientists for one evening, re-telling … Continue reading

January 2011: Happy New Gear

Of course, it is traditional to take a new start in the New Year. Not necessarily in a new direction. So, if you decide to just crank it up a bit, it’s time for a New Gear… With the Masters now behind and no more studio space, it is time to unwrap all the work … Continue reading

October I: Tropical Lab

Sept 20 – Sept 29 2010 was Tropical Lab 4 a workshop organised by the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lasalle College of the Arts. Practically, it consists of putting together, for 10 days, a handful of young artists recommended by their school (Masters candidates mostly), adding 3 guest artists, preparing a loose program of … Continue reading