Working With Weeds

Small Chinese Violet Display

Chinese Violet, weed, seed, flower. Isabelle Desjeux, 2014

Since 2012, when the first “Weed Camp” was announced at the Observatoire, where children were invited to come and learn about the wild plants growing around the site, several more projects have converged towards giving recognition and understanding to the almost invisible little flowers of Singapore.

This September, I will be opening not one but 2 exhibitions relating to those weeds. The first one Veni, Weedy, Vici (aku pendatang, lalang, penakluk) is opening at the CCA Gillman Baracks on Saturday 20th as part of the Pot-Museum’s PostPop-Up  series of exhibitions. The exhibition, together with Sewon Food Lab ( Agus Tri Budiarto, Cindy Lin)

and a team from the Curating Lab, aims at looking at “invasive species” from 3 different angles.

On the 28th of September (9am-1pm at Jurong Central Park), I will be opening the House of Weeds, part of a pop-up event organised by Playeum and South West CDC, and roving around 10 locations in the South West Community in Singapore from Sep 2014.

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