Science as Contemporary Art – How I Do it.

Rubber Shell 1small

The woody valve of a capsule of Hevea brasiliensis (rubber pod shell).

– “How do you transform a 1m x 1m x 3m space into contemporary art?”

– “I would like to propose to install a scientist’s research cabinet in the 1m x 1m x 3m space allocated. It involves shelves. And 1000 specimens on which the research is done.”

In 2009, Failomics. In 2010, Laboratory of ‘Pataphysics. In 2011, the Laboratory travelled across Singapore.  In 2012, Cambridge failures were imported to the lab in Singapore. 2013, research of weeds as another form of failure. In 2014, time to explore those strange failures scientists call “mutants”. For this, I will set up a “genetic screen” using the ubiquitous Hevea brasiliensis capsule (or rubber pods…).

Installation with 1000 rubber woody valves, mutant rubber capsules, hand-made microscope, drawings, photographs and explanatory pamphlet.

MinimArt 5.0, 25-26th January at the Substation. See you there.

4 Responses to “Science as Contemporary Art – How I Do it.”
  1. Tienny says:

    Hi Isabelle, is this an arts project to participate? Or are you showcasing your arts project in this area?


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