Weed Walk

Weed WalkOn Monday 1st of April, and Thursday 4th of April, I invite you to join me on the front lawn of the Singapore Art Museum for some light lecturing on weeds.

It’s not that I make weed art, that’s another subject. The lecture is part of Zaki Razak’s “Revising Art: Ten Years Series” piece, part of the Presidents’ Young Talent show. As part of this show, Zaki has invited 9 artists to present alternative art school lectures. These are delivered the first week of each month, and so far we have seen Zaki himself delivering a lecture on Samosas and Gene Sha Rudyn engage the the participants on public speaking . Upcoming lectures are listed on the SAM website.

This week, I will talk about how all you need to know about making art, you can learn from the weeds. As is fit in a school, the lecturer will refrain from talking too much, and will make the students participate to understand the concepts presented.  Expect having to use your fine motor skills, your whole body, and get your hands dirty. In the process, we will ask for total focus so the awareness to the weeds can get to your heart.  Remember though, that in this school, failure is an option.

This lecture is also part of the series of activities at the Observatoire, where children are helping make a weed census of a small patch of undeveloped land….

To register for the even, email  nhb_sam_programs@nhb.gov.sg  or just walk onto the front lawn of SAm and head straight for the tent…

One Response to “Weed Walk”
  1. Tienny says:

    Isabelle, I enjoy your Weed Walk and thank you for the hand gloves 😉

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