A visit to Cambridge

Strange things happen in the labs in Cabridge...

Strange things happen in the labs in Cabridge…

If you are interested, as I am, in the way science really gets done, then a visit to Cambridge (UK) is a must. I have been lucky enough to be welcome into the labs of Bill Harris and Christine Holt to take a glimpse at how is science is being made there, and especially at what kind of failures are being distilled in their lab on a daily basis.

Collecting failures is an arduous task and the first step always consists of taming the creatures that live symbiotically with these Reliquum. Only then, can a systematic collection take place. Taking into consideration the time it takes for the different species of Reliquum to mature, it might take over one year to complete the collection… this is just the begining.

In the meantime, I invite you to come and read more about the field of Failomics, from the species that are being collected to the techniques and methods used for the collection, as well as some fine specimens that have already been analysed.

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  1. Pavitar K Gill says:

    Sounds brilliant! I wish you every success! Hugs!

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