March: Biennale, new Website… and a Cooking Show!

March was the time for visiting the Biennale. Although I have not seen it all yet, I am enjoying visiting as you would a shop window. More precisely, a shop window for Singapore. Despite its theme, “Open House”, I feel very much like I am looking at a window dressing of the country. Nothing wrong with that of course: the vision I am getting of the Singapore from the Biennale is just very different than the everyday one I live in. And I am enjoying it. From the fictional architecture of Michael Lee to the unknown creatures of the dark of Genevieve Chua, through the unknown (to me) Singapore River of John Low and drains of Charles Lim. And there is Singapore seen by outsiders too, such as the cold documenting of buildings by Charles LaBelle and the fictional Singapore of ruangrupa. Singapore’s a very different place to me now!

The fact that this monthly blog is only being updated on the last day of the month is a consequence of some working behind the scenes:

  • I have been updating my Failomics blog, dedicated to an artistic view of errors and failures in science.
  • I have been working on a proper website, where visitors can more easily navigate my different projects. It will be out next month…

Finally, there is the cooking show I have been imagining and preparing for…

"What did you just say?"

happening on the 21st of April at the Substation, please mark the date and come and listen to me imparting some wisdom about how to distill failures from your own kitchen!

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