February: “Buang The Lost Malay Scientist” gets a screening

The 6-minute documentary exposes Buang for who he really was: not just Alfred Wallace‘s faithful assistant during his journey through the Malay Archipellago, but also a scientist in his own right. The documentary takes us on his and Wallace’s tracks to find out exactly who this extraordinary character was.

For more information on this film, the main character, and the making of, you can refer to an older blog entry.

The documentary will be screened at KISS (Keep It Short Stupid), an even part of LiFest in Kuala Lumpur this Tuesday 22nd of February, and in Singapore at the Substation as part of the Singapore Short Film Award on the Saturday 5th of March (in the 12:45-2pm slot).

4 Responses to “February: “Buang The Lost Malay Scientist” gets a screening”
  1. Maria says:

    Dear Isabelle

    How fantastic you have made this documentary. I’m basedin Singapore but have yet to see it, any chance that it will be screened again? Also I would love to chat with you about this topic if possible, as Ali is a character that I am interested in.

    • Hi Maria,
      yes, “Buang” is currently part of the Graduation show at Lasalle College of the Arts, until the 9th of June. I hope you make it there (lots of other great art on show!). My work can be found on the ground floor in the gallery boarding the fake grass, and called “Praxis Space”. It will also be shown at Sinema in September, as part of their “Hari Raya” special. I will be giving a presentation on the movie then.

    • “Buang, the lost Malay Scientist” is now visible online at http://vimeo.com/16263098 . Do go and check it out and leave a comment!

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