January Two: So You Think You Can Be A Scientist

So You Think You Can Be A Scientist?

So You Think You Can Be A Scientist?

As part of the “DUO: Art & Science” with Andrée Weschler, I will be exhibiting a new work, entitled “So You Think You Can Be A Scientist”.

The work documents an evening of December 2010 at Lasalle College of the Arts, where participants were invited to believe and make believe they were scientists for one evening, re-telling a scientist’s story in front of the camera.

A scientist was first invited to explain their interests, what experiment they were pursuing, and describing the experiment. A few days later, the participants who had agreed to take part received a script, with very loose directions. They could re-tell the story, read from the paper, or recite word for word.

The participants did not know each other and were not aware that the original scientist was among them. During the course of the evening, it was hinted that “the real” scientist was among them. This led to some speculations, but the scientist remained under cover until their identity was revealed. Can you spot the real scientist?

The introducing sentence warns against subjectivity – will you be able to remain objective as you scan the voices and facial expressions of the scientists to determine whose story it was in the first place?


Tim Xie Ying
Cui Liang
Judy Au
Chia Ai Zhen
Dayal Gian Singh
Ajay Mathuru
Cinematography by Russell Morton

I invite you to come and view the installation, opening on the 18th of December in LASALLE….

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  1. […] So, people keep asking me: who IS the scientist? Well, it wouldn’t be fun if I told you, would it? You have to do a bit of research yourselves. You can still go back the the list of participants that was unveiled in a previous blog post… […]

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