June 2010: Filming Buang

Buang Bin Mohammed Ali, Wallace's Faithful servant and Lost Malay Scientist

This month, I was lucky enough to fly to Abuja (Nigeria), to the department of Epistemology of the University of Failomics (They don’t seem to have a web presence). The documentary of “Buang, The Lost Malay Scientist” was partially shot there, where the trunk of Buang’s belongings has been sent for Dr Hakeem and her team to study. Our team also got to fly to Ternate, an island of Indonesia, part of the Malay Archipelago visited by Alfred Wallace and Buang in the 1860’s.

The team, comprising of Rubin (acting, music, concept…), Russell (Cinematography, editing…) and myself (Producer, concept, researcher, actor…) is currently putting the final touch to this very short movie (5 minutes plus credits). Get in touch if you’d like to see it!

7 Responses to “June 2010: Filming Buang”
  1. Prema says:

    Hey! (See what a good influence your youngest is on me?!)

    I just read this today. I didn’t know you had been travelling! I’d like to see the video, please.

  2. Ha ha, Prema! It’s amazing how far you can go when you work in art school. I am not sure the video will be edited before I have to take my annual break to France. I am currently re-working the previous videos to submit to an Open-Call before I leave… But you’ll be the first to know!

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