February 2010: the video

The Life Cycle of a Failure, © Isabelle Desjeux 2009

Artists and scientists were invited to the talk on the 22nd of February 2010, at LCotA. If you were not invited, do not despair, it was a sort of preview for people who participated in the project. An open talk will be happening.

The Failomics website relates the adventure, and you can access the edited video of the talk from there. You are also invited to visit the exhibition, entitled “Object”, held from now on until the 12th of March at the Praxis space on Campus. It showcases the work in progress of my MAFA cohort and where a video of the talk is also being exhibited, together with 12 other interesting and varied works from my colleagues.

Now, this talk was not meant to be an edited video really. As the whole Failomics project develops, it is becoming a field of its own. Using the techniques of research and investigation of science, its topic of investigation is not exactly biology. “What makes this art?” is a question that scientists have often asked ; “what makes this science?” would be the questions if I tried publishing this research in a science journal. As any nascent field, it has to find its niche, comfortably/uncomfortably sitting in between art and science. Pulling the scientists to ask questions formally about their research, and asking artists to judge science, these are just some of the aspects of the work that beg to be developed through further  artwork…

For now, I have to put everything down formally for the Symposium, where artists (established and students) present their work; held in conjunction with invited faculty and students from RMIT. Happening at the College again, on the 10th,11th and 12th of March. Stay tuned.

One Response to “February 2010: the video”
  1. Aude W says:

    Ma Chère Isabelle,

    Bien entendu, je n’ai pas tout compris, tu voles … tu voles très haut bien au dessus de la tête de la plupart d’entre nous et je suis forcément intimidée par tant d’espace visité à travers tes mots, tes gestes et surtout la projection du message que tu transmets.
    Je trouve tout ceci majestueux et merveilleux.
    C’est sans doute ainsi le sens de cette unicité qui est la tienne …
    Bravo … c’est magique … A tout bientôt
    Aude W from F

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