January 2010: a new path

Starting my Masters in Fine Arts at Lasalle College of the Arts in August has meant re-structuring many things. New Questions arise. What does Art mean to me? What am I here for? Am I doing the right thing? Did I just say something stupid? Who are these people?

Yes, I have been having art as my main focus since 2000. But since August 2009, from the 5th floor of the College, things look different. For one thing, there are people here whose job it is to listen to you going on and on about your art, your research, and how nothing ever seems to be working. Most of them, most of the time, genuinely seem to care. Discussions ensue. And it genuinely seems to be sparking something new. It might even be helping me finish a project.

The students (there are 13 of us, give or take one or 2) are also a great asset, because there is an interesting chemistry going on among us. Seeing other people develop – especially those who do things very differently is fascinating.

One semester into the program seems to be the right time to evaluate whether the program is doing what it’s supposed to do. What has changed so far?

  • Setting long-term goals
  • Learning what research means when it comes to making Art
  • Enjoying focusing on one large project
  • Expanding my horizon of what Art means
  • Gaining confidence when talking about my work and ideas.

This hasn’t come easily. There are setbacks and the final result will be unveiled at the end of November this year.

In the meantime, I will be updating this blog monthly with the on-going projects. You may start by reading about my project here. I have also updated my profile.

Till February…

2 Responses to “January 2010: a new path”
  1. lm2703 says:

    helloo : )

    thanks for commenting!

    just went on your blog and saw this post about art – a coincidence considering I was just researching about doing a summer course at an art school over the summer but I dont know where to start!
    I’m studying PPE at the moment but I just have this overwhelming urge to be creative! I can’t seem to find anything (content and financially speaking) that seems to suit me :/ I really want to do a kind of art foundation type thing over say 3 weeks that doesn’t cost a bomb – I live in england – any ideas?!

    I think you should go to your library and put some little notes in the most boring looking books, and tell people to do the same 😉 that way your future chances of finding a note are increased!

    Good luck with your masters in art – very jealous!

    Keep pondering!



    • Hi there, how lucky you are to be in England! You should be able to find plenty of art to be made. Just remember no to be too ambitious in terms of covering all. Aim to discover one new medium maybe. It could be watercolour or sculpture, printmaking… and don’t get hung up on “drawing properly”, unless you want to learn just that (drawing). I hope you have fun – and keep posting those notes in library books. I am sure it’s infectious.

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