House On The Map

House On The Map

Projects as of January ’08:

Architecture of Seletar for Postcards from Seletar.

 This involves cycling around Seletar Camp and making sketches of the houses or parts of houses and such. 

Map of Seletar: artist prints.

If you haven’t yet seen the Offset print, limited to 100 copies, you may view it here: Seletar Map. (Some copies are still available). I have 30 extra copies that I am in the process of transforming, using silkscreen, cutting, and collage techniques, such as the image above.


I will be compiling works from the past 2 years, from different projects:

  1.  Art and Science – Paintings, Collages, Digital prints and Objects from a brief stint as Artist in Residence in TLL, Spring 2006.
  2.  Story Sculptures – Paper Sculptures, produced over many years and resulting in an exhibition in Jan. ’07.
  3. Postcards From Seletar – Illustrations of Seletar Camp, following the news of its planned “redevelopment” in 2009.
    2 Responses to “January”
    1. puni says:

      Oooh, when you said you were working on artist proofs, I did not know what to expect – this is fabulous! Can’t wait to see the other re-interpretations 🙂

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    1. […] you remember my January post, there was something about sketching houses around the camp. Well, I have been doing that, in […]

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